HUNT Series

ThermTec Hunt Series thermal clip-on is designed as extremely compact with merely 400g, and NETD≤20mK. It is ideal to be mounted on any type of standard day scope.

LRF Series

Dual Field of View
A wide FOV with a focal length of 20mm can be used for detection; A narrow FOV with a focal length of 60mm can be used for identification.

VIDAR Series

Non-Shutter Correction Technology
Invisible, background calibration means the screen will never freeze and there is no noisy shutter to alert your quarry.

D Series

Dual-Field of View with 2x Optical Zoom
A wide FOV with a focal length of 20/25mm can be used for detection; A narrow FOV with a focal length of 40/50mm can be used for identification.

LRF Series

Laser Rangefinder
ARES LRF includes a 1,000m laser rangefinder for perfect shot placement at any range, realizing a long range targets detection and an accurate shooting.

PRO Series

Perfect Ergonomic Design
Balance the central of gravity, and provide an easier and outstanding handheld experience.
ARES660pro black (5)

ARES Series

The Combination of Cutting-Edge Design and the Latest Technology in the Field of Thermal lmaging

New LRF Range available now

Revolutionary Dual Lens Technology

User-friendly Functions

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About ThermTec

ThermTec Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of high-quality thermal imaging devices specifically designed for hunting and outdoor enthusiasts. Our brand is dedicated to providing cutting-edge technology and superior performance in thermal imaging devices, enabling hunters and outdoor enthusiasts to be well-equipped to explore the natural world, navigate challenging conditions, and make the most of their experiences.

With ThermTec products, you can enjoy nature as never before.


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